Active Imagination #1 – Assassin

by admin on August 21, 2008

Jason BourneToday a friend told me that the Dollhouse premise is flawed. They said that there are only so many entertaining people and professions that the “actives” could ‘become’, and only so many skill-sets that they could obtain. With that I begin my journey to prove them right or wrong, as I active-ly imagine the possibly ‘entertaining’ (or otherwise) ways in which the services of the actives might be used.

There are around 150 days until the show starts. I hope to come up with 150 possibilities. I can’t promise that I’ll finish, but I swear that I’ll start.

#1 – Assassin

Echo and Sierra as assassins? I could totally see that. I mean no-one would expect them to pose a threat to anyone. Plus Echo likes guns. I think there’s a high chance that the actives will be going all Jason Bourne on us at some point. But is it ethical to programme someone to kill? Is murder ethical anyways? No.

My Verdict: Not very original, 4/10 on the old anticipation scale.

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