Active Imagination #3 – Supersoldier

by admin on August 23, 2008

With the ability to programme the actives with muscle memory that allows them to operate beyond normal human capabilities, we could well see a government agency or even a company or individual hire out an active (or group of actives) for specific combat assignments or high stake missions. Who knows, our actives might even be sent off to battle in a war!? Some might question the ethics of such usage, sending programmed humans off to battle in a war without their consent and with a considerable advantage (super-humans vs humans), but the ethical boundaries were crossed from the moment of their initial programming. Whats more, the actives are basically a new era of technology, just like the submarine or the rocket launcher, when they were first developed.

*(Spoiler) The potential downside to employing actives in this way is that unlike ‘normal’ humans, they have to retire after a set amount of time. Which kinda sucks if the assignment is at a critical stage and the active regresses into a child-like state in the midst of battle. (/Spoiler)

Whats more, for all their muscle-memory and programming, I presume they will still need 3rd party ‘add-ons’ to help them to do really cool stuff like see through walls. Which begs the question, are the actives only able to execute programming that is within the current curve of human evolution? For instance, I’d imagine that they can be uploaded with all the combat skills in the world, but could they be programmed to fly (as in Superman, fly) or see through walls without the aid of third party equipment? I very much doubt it, so this suggests that even the technology being used on the actives has a threshold – one which seems to be capped by current human evolution. I find this premise (if correct) interesting, as it means that despite the science, they are still bound by human capability. Science can enhance the ‘curve’..but can it extend it?

Hmm..nature v nurture?

My Verdict: Hell yes, let’s see this please. Can we make this happen? 9/10 anticipation-wise.

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