Active Imagination #4 Olympic Champ

by admin on August 24, 2008

So this one isn’t that realistic, even within the fictional confines of Dollhouse. But it’s plausible that a country’s Olympic committee would sanction the hiring of an “active” for the purposes of winning gold at the Olympics for their country. Whilst Usain Bolt (pictured above) uses his phenomenal natural ability and technical prowess to win gold, an active could simply be programmed with specific muscle memory that allows them to achieve similar feats in-line with maximum human potential.

By the way, hats off the Usain Bolt! What an incredible achievement, smashing world records and winning three gold medals for Jamaica in the process. It’s amazing how nature and science, together, can push the curve of human capability.

My Verdict: It’s unlikely that we’ll see the actives hired out for Olympic gold winning purposes, as the Olympics are such ‘public’ events – wouldn’t go down well with Adelle. But I like the concept, if I do say so myself. Anticipation: 9/10 even though Whedon wont go there.

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