Are Fox Being As Negative As The Early Fan Campaigns?

by admin on January 14, 2009

Dollhouse Promotional Cast PhotoMore words of discomfort for “Dollhouse” from the TCA panel discussion, this time with Fox Entertainment Exec, Kevin Reilly. Who infers that all being well, “Fringe” is on course for a second season, whilst “Dollhouse” has to find an audience before it gets any more than 13 episodes:

[on “Fringe”] “It’s a keeper … they’ve really found the storytelling model now … what you’re going to see in the second half in the year, if you follow the serialized story you’re going to find [satisfying content each week and yet] the stories really do re-set themselves each week … I would not expect it to take off after ‘Idol’ but I do think it will tick up another level.” – Hollywood Reporter

“Joss Whedon does a certain kind of show. He’s right in the zone again on that. It’s the kind of show that we know has a core passionate audience. In some other scheduling scenarios there could be enormous pressure on it … we have a very compatible lead in with Sarah Connor… we’re going to let the show play out for 13 episodes and hopefully it will catch on … if we can do some business there, that would be a great thing for the future.” – NY Mag

Obviously I’m ecstatic over the possibility of “Fringe” getting a second season, so far the show has deserved network support. However, it’s clear that the network aren’t going all out to support “Dollhouse” – as seen by the lack of effort and imagination in their recent Dollhouse promo photos, not to mention the general vibes that are attached to recent mention of the word Dollhouse from the powers that be.

In some ways, I don’t blame them. If they feel that Dollhouse is a dead horse then they’re hardly going to do the hockey cockey. But then again, even if they’re not totally blown away by what they’ve seen so far (although according to some other reports, they are very happy with what they’ve seen so far), the DNA of the show is still potentially fascinating. One that I’d rather seen explored with gusto and pride instead of defeatism, or even worse; ‘Well, at least Whedon’s fans will watch it, and if it gets cancelled, it’s because not enough of them tuned in’. Like seriously, how many fans do they think he has? The man is revered and respected but his name and reputation alone is not always enough to capture hearts and minds. Sometimes people need convincing, sometimes people need to be shown the corridor of light away from the easy route of “The Mentalist” and “CSI”, and into a twisted and thought provoking vision of what it means to be human. Actually, Mentalist is pretty good (and the dude has nice hair), but you get the picture – a serialized show, however many stand-alone episodes it has, needs to give folks a reason to watch, then Whedon can work his ‘magic’ on more people.

At any rate, it’s soon time for the pre-talking to stop and for the show to begin – I actually don’t think the show is going to be ‘bad’, I think the network just want to lower expectations. My hope though, is that they stop expecting hard-core Whedon fans to save the show (they’re being just as bad as the early fan campaigns!), and promote it a bit better (they’ve obviously heard of viral, seeing as they’re doing one of the best marketing campaigns ever seen with “Fringe”). That said it can’t all be the networks fault – no one has forced anyone to agree to certain advertising stunts, if you catch my drift.

Elsewhere, Whedon talks again about the structure of the show, and says that it will consist of both stand-alone and serialized episodes – a ‘hybrid’, if you will:

“Every episode is a stand alone, at the same time it advances the greater mythology,” says Whedon. “The first five are very much standalones, while the sixth gets very much into the inner workings of the standalones. That’s the mandate for all of the first thirteen. You don’t need to see what came before.” – IF Magazine

I don’t have a problem with that, as I mentioned in another post, I think Dollhouse has the potential to be a proper serialized show in episodic clothing, in the long run. Ha, the “long run”. Stranger things..

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