Boston Proud of Native Eliza

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Boston's Eliza DushkuThe Boston Herald spreads the love to it’s native, Eliza Dushku, whilst providing insight into the origins of the Joss-Eliza friendship:

Eliza Dushku’s friendship with Joss Whedon began at the Arsenal Mall.

That Watertown mall is where she went when she was 17 years old to make an audition tape for Whedon’s series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Whedon cast her as rogue slayer Faith off that tape and Dushku flew to Los Angeles.

The Herald also have a few new quotes from Eliza – one in particular in which she talks about the importance of ‘creative control’ and the influence that Whedon has amongst the network execs:

“I realized what I had when it was gone, and that was a very important lesson for me to learn in my career. It’s very, very hard to be under the control of a show creator or a studio that wants your character to do something that you just don’t feel comfortable doing or you don’t understand why they’re doing it, and maybe they’re conforming to mainstream or all the cooks in the kitchen at the studio. With Joss, the executives have such respect for him that he really has that creative freedom to make the good stuff.”

Source: Boston Herald

Megi Sheremeti January 14, 2010 at 3:33 pm

Ti je më e mira.
Më pelqen shum.

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