Dollhouse ARG – Game On!?

by admin on May 25, 2008 · 1 comment

Earlier I posed the question as to whether we will have a Dollhouse ‘ARG’. It looks like I have my answer – take a look at this southlandlabs site. Either Fox have been readying the first stages of a Dollhouse Alternate reality Game, or some fan has chosen a rather obscure domain name for a Dollhouse fansite. Hmm..I’m thinking its ARG.

Just incase you’re wondering why I’m making the connection between that site and Dollhouse – have a look at the Dollhouse set photos. It’s Dollhouse-related all right.

However despite my excitement, let it be known that I have considered the possibility of it being a fake ARG site set up by some mischevious fan. You see, that’s the problem with technology today, there’s no way to regulate it..;)

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