Dollhouse Comic Not In The Works

by admin on January 12, 2009

Sci-Fi website, io9 ask the question that I’m sure many comic book geeks are asking – is there going to be a “Dollhouse” comic? Well, according to “Dollhouse” writer and consulting producer, Jane Espenson, a comic isn’t on the agenda just yet:

I’m very busy with all of the other stuff, but if Joss decides that there are comic books to be done in the Dollhouse world, sign me up.

io9 also spoke to comic publishers Dark Horse, who gave this reply:

I’ve been talking to Joss about Dollhouse comics since he first told me about the project. He said it didn’t feel right for a comic yet, but that as the show established its identity we might do a book.

So a Dollhouse comic doesn’t look likely, certainly not in the near future. I think that “Dollhouse” would suit book format better anyway – I just can’t imagine Echo and the gang in comic form for some reason. At any rate, seeing how five out of the planned six “Fringe” comics  were delayed due to retooling, it’s probably smart to get the show out there before attempting to create any accompanying material.

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