Dollhouse Countdown – Whedon on Women and Sex

by admin on February 9, 2009

WhedonThe LA Times continue their ‘Dollhouse countdown’, by giving us the heads-up from a recent conference call with Joss Whedon:

In terms of ‘finding the show’: It was probably most similar to “Angel” in the sense of what we had in our mind about what “Angel” was ultimately was different than what the network did.  In our minds, it was darker … The mandate was “give us the world of the show and not just the structure of the show” … But there was some real questioning about what exactly we wanted to get at in terms of the humanity, what they do, and why people hire them, and you know, there’s a sexual aspect to it, and it makes some people nervous.  Part of the mandate of the show is to make people nervous.

On humor: There is a lot of fun and a lot of humor in it.  What it doesn’t have is an inherent silliness that both “Buffy” and “Firefly” had, and even “Angel” … This has to be a little bit more grounded in order for it to play …

Why Eliza?:  She’s overcome her homely shyness over these years. Eliza, apart from being, in my opinion, as great a star as I have ever known, has a genuinely powerful and electric and luminous quality that I’ve rarely seen. She’s also a really solid person. She’s a good friend. She’s a feminist. She’s an activist. She’s interested in the people around her and she’s got a lot of things going on.

What keeps him going? Chardonnay. Will there be a comic book? No.  Topics that he’d like to address? Identity, brainwashing, and perversion.

And on the questions went for an hour or so.  But the last question seemed to genuinely interest Joss in its mildly confrontational tone.

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