Dollhouse Episode 1.04 Promo

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Promotional trailer for Dollhouse episode 1.04.

Vid Cred: Xomaaa

LeParisianFrog March 1, 2009 at 3:23 pm

I wish Gray Matter is as good as the trailer’s presentation. Really. One for the clin d’oeil to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back’s robbery scene and two for the power-of-the-cellphone. Hehe. This is what is was waiting for. The little thing that would make the whole british-perfectionism of DH go baam-. So what’s next? Is DH ging to turn into The Bourne Identity Meets Impossible Mission? And is it me or the tone of the trailer has changed a little? So much questions…

bekki March 2, 2009 at 3:43 pm

i think this episode looks like it is BY FAR the best so far. its an interesting idea with a realistic mess up, not the kind of ‘oh no! echo’s acting wonky again ON HER OWN!’

seriously. they need to change some of the writing and not have this be an echo breaks down story of the week, because why the hell would billionaires pay for something that doesn’t work 100% correctly?

for example, i would love to see an episode with multiple dolls on a mission where one OTHER than echo breaks down, so we can see that this happens elsewhere.

still, i’m looking forward to gray hour. it looks good.

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