Dollhouse Fans: Perspective Needed

by admin on May 26, 2008 · 5 comments

Calm DownAs I touched upon in my blog yesterday, some Dollhouse fans are trying to pre-empt it’s ‘cancellation’ by starting ‘save our show’ groups..that’s 7 months before the show has even started. Whilst I understand that they’re excited about the show, none of us (except Whedon and team) have even seen it yet – we don’t even know whether or not the show will be ‘worth’ saving. This may sound somewhat hypocritical seeing as I have a Dollhouse Fansite, but that’s because I’m in love with the premise of the show..I love the idea and the potential that the show has. If the show sucks then I’ll say that it sucks, period.

However, I’m not bashing these fans..I’m just executing caution over the notion of setting up campaigns before a show has even aired. Some shows actually deserve cancellation – we have enough crap on TV, do we really want to campaign for something which might not work out as we hope? Don’t get me wrong, I doubt that Dollhouse will flop, I think it will be a stunning show which makes us think, question and entertains us more than any show since LOST..or Alias..or Buffy..whichever.

I think I was right yesterday when I suggested that some of Whedon’s fans love him more than they love his shows – I just get the feeling that whether Dollhouse rocks or whether it sucks, there are already those who have made up their mind as to he quality of the show. I just think that we as fans of good television, should execute caution before we set up ‘save our show’ campaigns, because doing things like this so early will only dilute our voice when a great show actually deserves to be saved. That show might be Dollhouse, it might be Fringe..but the point is, let’s actually watch the show first, let’s actually see whether or not we like it. Let’s also give JOSS WHEDON some credit, he didn’t have to go with you think he would have teamed up with them again on a whim? This must surely say something about the current ethos as FOX – which is different from ‘the old days’. So yeah, let’s also give FOX some credit..especially for their great sense of humour this morning!

Don’t misunderstand me..I AM supporting Dollhouse..but I don’t want my voice to get lost in the masses who are already shouting “save our show”. There are better ways to support this show than giving casuals fans a negative image of us. Sorry, I respect my fellow fan’s love for Whedon and his productions, but I have my own voice.

Let’s use the Internet responsibly guys.

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