Dollhouse – Mind-Wiping, Ethics.. Spoilers

by admin on April 22, 2008

io9 Blog have some interesting spoilers on the upcoming show:

In one scene, Adelle, the “ice queen” who runs the Dollhouse, meets with a Senator who’s considering “buying” an Active doll to use as an “escort.” She convinces the Senator the Active will be better than any human escort, because the emotions will be real to the “doll” and she’ll be programmed to want it as much as he does.

Politics and ‘mind-wiping’ – now there’s an interesting angle!

The geek who programs the dolls, Topher, calls Echo’s “handler” Boyd, because he’s noticed that a group of the mind-wiped dolls has sat together at lunch at the same table for the third time within a week. Dushku’s character, Echo, seems to be initiating this clique, which means she may be evolving beyond her mind wipes.

For me, this is one of the most interesting Dollhouse spoilers that i’ve seen. It poses the question of memory versus evolution. Is Echo retaining some form of ‘memory’ from her experiences and subconsciously responding to them, or is she evolving?..but evolution needs an external impactor to influence such development, right?

The possibilities (of this show) are endless..

Topher the geek and Boyd the handler have differing opinions about their work. Topher believes it’s purely programming and sort of morally wrong (even though he enjoys doing it.) But Boyd thinks it’s healthy for the “dolls” to get to experience every possible human emotion through their programmed personalities.

Interesting to see the prospect of ‘morality’ and ‘ethics’ come into play. I guess the show will also ask the question of whether doing something morally wrong, can still be ethically right..


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