Dollhouse Panel Set for NY Comic Con 2009

by admin on January 16, 2009

Dollhouse at New York Comic Con

Newsarama are reporting that a Dollhouse panel, including Joss Whedon and members of the cast, will be guesting at this years New York Comic Con – the weekend of February 6-8th 2009:

NRAMA: Any additional new guests you can privilege Newsarama readers with being the first to hear about?

LF: Depending on when you publish this, I’ve already mentioned Joss Whedonfor the first time. You want more than that! Joss and members of the cast of Dollhouse will be on hand, and you heard it here first!

NRAMA: As of this conversation, you’ve yet to announce your film/TV panels yet, so in as much detail as you can offer, how are those programs/guest shaping up for you?

LF: TV is shaping up very nicely, i.e. Joss Whedon. Hollywood is also coming along quite well, but they are all still tight-lipped on just who and what we are getting! I have some ideas, but they are not confirming just yet, so I’ve got to wait right along with you…

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