Dollhouse Promo Pics!

by admin on May 16, 2008

If you haven’t already seen the 2 promo for Dollhouse then check it out here – no seriously, you NEED to, it rocks! If that wasn’t good enough, FOX have released a few promo pictures to get us even more excited:

Dollhouse Promo Pic Barefoot

Dollhouse Promo Echo

Firstly, Eliza looks amazing. I like the top image, as it indicates at the seperate mindsets/objectives of the 3 ‘groups’, with the “dolls” being at the heart of it all. I think that the ‘barefoot’ thing is a nice touch – for me it hints at innocence and also suggests that the dolls are more in-touch with the environment, their surroundings, their souls (etc) than ‘humans’ – which is an interesting concept, if indeed this is the intention.

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