Dollhouse Season 2 Poster – Sneak Peek – Promo – DVD Clips

by admin on September 1, 2009

Dollhouse Season 2 Promo Poster

Above? That’s the season 2 Dollhouse promo photo – clearly Echo centric. I guess they have a thing for guns? Which is strange because Dollhouse doesn’t strike me as that kind of show – they might as well have left THAT kind of show on the air. It’s a stylish enough effort, but as usual with Dollhouse it lacks a strong thematic purpose. Clever tagline though. (and nice heels).

With the release of the season 1 DVD, and the season 2 premiere fast approaching, there have been some other post-worthy tidbits knocking around, including clips from said DVD, sneak peaks and gleeful promo – all after the jump:

Dollhouse Season 2 Promo:



It seems they still haven’t learned – promoting the show around 1 actress when the ensemble is way way better. And they actually included the ridiculous midwife scene – what? Have we gone back in time learning nothing? But that Glee thing looks pretty funny, I’m SO watching that..

Dollhouse Season 2 Sneak Peek:



Special features from the Dollhouse season 1 DVD:

“Designing The Perfect Dollhouse”


“Coming Home”:


“Finding Echo”:


“A Private Engagement”:



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