Dollhouse Spoilers – “10 Facts”

by admin on May 27, 2008

Spoiler Warning!

The people over at have released ’10 Facts About Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse’. Most of them are already fairly common knowledge by now, but I was further intrigued by these:

8. Most of the Dolls are young, and all beautiful.

9. Supposedly, the Dolls volunteered for the work in the Dollhouse — they give up five years of their lives, and at the end they receive a ridiculously large sum of money and no memory of anything they did for the Dollhouse.

10. Missions for the Actives are only supposed to last 10 hours, or else the imprint could be strained. However, lately certain missions have taken quite a bit longer, some lasting for days…

OK, some musings: So all of the Dolls are “beautiful” – what if a mission requires a less aesthetically pleasing Doll..wouldn’t this put the Dolls at a disadvantage..make them less convincing? What statement is this trying to make, I wonder.

The Dolls are only hired for 5 years? So they are released back into society afterwards? Does this mean their pre-Dollhouse memories are replaced..or are those wiped for ever? I also find the “large” monetary payoff interesting as well – I had assumed that the prime motivation for joining the Dollhouse was to rid themselves of past memories..but I guess money has to also be considered as a motivator, which paints some of the Dolls in a slightly different light. Although I guess they need money to live on after those 5 years, as re-integrating back into society could take some time.

Missions should only last 10 hours or the imprint begins to deteriorate – is this how Echo begins to become self-aware? Does she go on one too many missions which last more than 10 hours?

You can find all 10 “facts” here, although beware of spoilers if you REALLY don’t want to know.

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