Dollhouse to UK, Attack of the Clones?

by admin on May 23, 2008 · 2 comments

The UK’s Guardian look at which US shows could be making their way to the UK next year, among them is of course Dollhouse, but obviously they haven’t done their research as they describe the show as ‘involving clones’!

Dollhouse – Fox
What’s it about? Joss Whedon returns to the small screen with this Attack of the Clones-style drama starring Eliza “Faith” Dushku.
Why might it work? It’s Joss Whedon. And Eliza Dushku. Plus it involves clones and wiped personalities and secret missions. For many people it’s the most eagerly awaited new drama of the season.
What could go wrong? Whedon’s dramas often start slowly – Buffy and Angel didn’t hit their stride until season 2, Firefly was just getting good as it got cancelled after a handful of episodes. The concern is that Fox won’t have the patience to nurture the show.

It is interesting to consider which UK channel will pickup Dollhouse. ITV bought ‘Bionic Woman’ last year along with the likes of ‘Dexter’ and ‘Dasies’. However I think Dollhouse would be more suited to the BBC or Channel 4 – who had a good reputation for purchasing creative shows until they let ‘LOST’ slip through their fingers.

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