Dollhouse Writers Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain Gives Fans The heads Up

by admin on April 23, 2008

Dollhouse writers Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain have just given an exclusive interview to folks at dollhousetvforum.

Here are a few snippets from the interview (it’s spoiler-free):

What are you finding to be the most creatively challenging aspects of the show so far?

Having a main character who can be several different people in a single episode ain’t a picnic. But that challenge is also one of the show’s strengths. And we think that even as Echo changes identities there’s still an Echo-core in there somewhere, waiting to come out. Or maybe it’s not Echo at all… God, we love this show.



What Will Set Dollhouse apart from other whedon-verse shows?

It’s going to be boring and badly written. No, no, no. The main difference is probably that Dollhouse is set in the real world. There are no demons, no spaceships. It’s today, only
with some pretty scary technology. It’s not about super-humans, it’s about how frighteningly human we all are.


When will we start seeing things like promo shoots, an official website, TV/Web advertisements etc?

Joss starts shooting the pilot on April 23rd, and there’s a promo shoot coming up a few days later, so there should be stuff to see in the not-too-distant future. We’re all working with 20th and Fox on the web presence of the show now. Exactly what that’s going to look like we can’t say– because we don’t yet know– but summer is probably a safe bet. Everyone’s trying to get things rolling sooner rather than later.


Will Dollhouse be in the same vein has other Whedon shows? Dark themes with a humorous undertone? As with Buffy and Angel, where the stories were deep, but there was almost always a comedic release. Or will Dollhouse be approached from an entirely different angle?

There are definitely dark themes. The stories will definitely be deep. And there will definitely be some funny. This is Joss we’re talking about– the guy can make homelessness funny. (That’s a Dr. Horrible reference. As soon as it’s possible to see it, you must, you must.)

The more I hear/read about this show, the more hyped I get. It’s looking set to be a terrificly dark portrayal of humanity in a world of science, technology and politics.

You can read the entire interview here.

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