Fans Echo: The Verdict (so far) on Dollhouse Spoilers

by admin on August 2, 2008

Watching Dollhouse Poll Results

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Welcome to “The WD – Fans Echo”, the first regular segment from “Fans Echo” is a play-on-words title for our featured poll results, where you, the Dollhouse fans have given your opinion on a particular subject that we have posted. 

Now that’s outta the way, let’s take a look at what you guys thought on the subject of SPOILERS389 of you voted and the results suggest that when it comes to Dollhouse spoilers 40% of you just don’t want to know, whilst 37% believe that it depends on the context of the spoilers, and only 23% are all for Dollhouse spoiler info.

These results are interesting, if they are representative of the wider Dollhouse community then it would seem that a sizable proportion of you will be wanting more ‘organic’ mystery with the twists and turns being a major part of your DH diet. Personally, I think that this show is ripe for such a viewing preference, not knowing what is going to happen days, weeks or even months ahead of time, will surely add to the enjoyment of the show? Of course there will be spoilers and there is/will be a sizable market for them. Whats more, some people simply enjoy spoilers, fair play, we’re all different.

So what is a spoiler? By my definition (a LOST fan who has been spoiler-free since day one), a spoiler is a canon element of a show that hasn’t yet come to pass on the show itself. So in short, it is information (plot details, character turns, story-arcs etc) which will happen but haven’t yet happened on the show. There is a difference between spoilers and speculation or theories. The latter two are derived from piecing together aspects of the show that have already been televised or hinted, they are not based on a ‘knowledge’ of what is definitely going to happen, but rather, ideas/thoughts and notions of what might transpire or what is likely to happen. There is also a difference between teasers and spoilers, although the disparity between these two is perhaps more murky.

With that said, WD will cater for Dollhouse spoiler-haters and spoiler-lovers, but whenever we post a spoiler, we’ll mark it appropriately, thus giving fair warning to those who prefer not to be spoiled. You might have also noticed that WD now has a spoiler tabin the navbar, for added convenience. If you’re just looking for DH spoilers, simply click on the ‘Spoiler’ tab and you’ll be taken to a page with all of the spoilery stuff WD has ever posted.

We also have an appropriately marked spoiler section over on our forums, which is convenient for both spoiler lovers and spoiler haters (for different reasons). All DH spoiler threads will be posted in this forum, and any mention of spoilers outside of the spoiler forum will be spoiler-tagged (hidden from view unless you choose to view them).

It will be interesting to see how FOX market DH as we approach the January premiere date. By the looks of things the bulk of the fans would prefer them to tease rather than spoil upcoming plot-arcs etc (like some networks do with their shows). Take note FOX – it’s all about the tease. BTW, please don’t click that link unless you want to be teased. Yes, we also offer regular tests of your will-power 😉

*Please note, the above poll closed on Thursday July 30.

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