Fast Scars & Hot Women – First Look at Claire’s Scars!

by admin on October 9, 2008

Spoiler Spoiler!

Amy Acker talks to Scifi Magazine about her upcoming movie and her role as Dr. Claire Saunders in Dollhouse. A lot of this information I recall posting a while ago, but this time I’m also packing some scans of Claire Saunders and her mysterious scars! Click to enlarge/read:


“I’m the doctor who takes care of all the dolls in the dollhouse, and I have these horrible scars all over my face, so you get a sense there’s a little history to my character, and you’re going to find out what happened to her and why she got these and why she kept them, and all of that stuff.”

The other day I listed which characters I can’t wait to see in the show, and I completely forgot about Claire Saunders! I’d actually put her character right up there, perhaps at number 1 – how I forget her I will never know (blame it on Fringebeing so awesome). Claire already has a lot of mythology and back-story waiting to be told, and I for one cannot wait. It’s not just the scars, but it’s the fact she has these scars which are presumably the result of something terrible, a horrific event that she presumably cannot forget, and yet there she is trying to help people who have the ‘benefit’ of forgetting their own past. It kinda gives you some idea of the delicious complexities that this show could have. Her storyline has great potential and no doubt there will be a few surprises along the way.

Don’t forget you can help compile information on Amy Acker, her Dollhouse character and more, over at the fan-run Dollhouse wiki! It’s a great way for fans (and potential fans) to help build great DH content. I gave the official one a shout-out yesterday.

Thanks to Amy Acker Fan for the scans [via]!

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