FOX Echo Dollhouse Patience

by admin on July 26, 2008

FOXFOX chairman Peter Liguori has echoed Joss Whedon’s sentiments regarding utilising the time between now and the Dollhouse premiere to perfect the foundations of the show. He also emphasises the importance for Dollhouse to be more succinct from the get-go:

Q: When it comes to “Dollhouse,” do you have time to build that audience?

A: It’s the age-old question. Every show is different. … The thing with Joss, you launch his show and instantly it becomes somebody’s favorite show. To me, in this current television environment, if you can be somebody’s favorite show, you’d better be patient with that show. … I know I have certain tools at my disposal for promotional platforms. And you know what, I’d rather know I have a very strong, loyal core that I can build on. That being said, getting out of the gate is important in this environment.

These “promotional platforms” wouldn’t be Webisodes by any chance, would it?


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