Fox Execs on Dollhouse Scheduling Decision

by admin on December 21, 2008

Fox Entertainment Chairman Peter Liguori and Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly speak a bit about their “Dollhouse” scheduling choices:

CI: Many people were surprised that you didn’t put Whedon’s “Dollhouse” in one of those post-“Idol” spots, instead opting for the relatively sleepy zone of Fridays. Why put such a buzzed-about show on that night?

Liguori: It’s a night where there’s not a hell of a lot of competition. So we’re able to get the show on there. We’re able to allow the show to grow. The expectations may be slightly lower for its performance.

Reilly: By nature, this show has a particular kind of audience. That’s just what Joss does. You could say, why “Lie to Me” [on Wednesdays] after “Idol”? I think that’s a broader show. You don’t want to put in something with more of a sci-fi bent.

CI: On Mondays, you’ve had “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” which has struggled for traction in its second season and is about to move to Fridays to join “Dollhouse.” Why’s “Sarah Connor” so ratings-challenged?

Reilly: Overall, the numbers are not where we hoped they’d be. And yet it has a very, very loyal core audience. Ultimately, moving it to Fridays, pairing it with “Dollhouse,” felt like a cohesive strategy, two very compatible shows. Hopefully the Joss loyalists will show up.

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