Fringe Picked Up By UK’s Sky One – Dollhouse?

by admin on August 9, 2008

Sky One pick-up FRINGEUK broadcaster Sky One has picked up the rights to air Fringe in the UK this autumn. Fringe is the other big new show that will be airing on the FOX network, from Sept 9. This leads me to wonder whether Dollhouse will follow Fringe over to Sky One, giving UK viewers the chance to watch LOST, Fringe and Dollhouse all on one channel!? As I mentioned a while back, I think that Dollhouse is best suited to either the BBC or Channel 4, but if it does end up on Sky One, you can be sure that the show will be well marketed. The downside is that not everyone in the UK has Sky One. The upside is that people are far more tech savvy these days..there’s plenty of potential for Dollhouse to be made available on the likes of ITunes.

We shall see what happens with this one. 

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