It’s All Love Baby!

by admin on July 17, 2008

Whedon confident with new FOX regimeWorried that FOX might get out her claws and scratch another one of Joss Whedon’s shows from existence? Still mentally scarred by what happened to “Firefly”? Fear not, for it’s all love between FOX boss Kevin Reilly and “Dollhouse” creator Joss Whedon:

Reilly on Whedon: “The only reason Joss wasn’t on my list is because I thought there was no way he was coming back. Every time I called him about something, they said, ‘He’s busy. He doesn’t want to do it.’  Then, Joss got hit in the head with a lightning bolt of an idea. He’s wanted to work with Eliza Dushku, they got together, he left that lunch and said, ‘Dammit, I’ve got an idea, now I’ve got to do it.’ He just showed up (with the pitch) and (our) answer was yes. Joss was a gift.”

Whedon on FOX:  “These are different people. They didn’t do to me what was done to ‘Firefly.’ It’s a completely different energy then the last time. FOX understands what it is we’re trying to do. I understand clearly what they want. And while there’s definitely a back and forth, there’s a collaboration. Not just people glaring at each-other.”

“I feel really good about how they plan to position it, and their feeling about it as a concept and as a show.”

Whedon on Whedon: “The understanding that I reached was with myself,”..[on returning to television]..That I had to be realistic about what the network expected of me and about what the chances for the show would be. Like, I fell in love with ‘Firefly’ in a very blind and adolescent way. And I tried to meet the network halfway. But at the same time, you know, it was agony. Everything was agony for me.”

Speaking of ‘love’, if you’ve got a spare 13 minutes, head on over to to watch part two of awesome.

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