Joss Whedon Considering Dollhouse The Musical?

by admin on June 30, 2008 · 3 comments

Doctor HorribleThat’s the question posed to Joss Whedon by TV Guide’s Matt Roush, to which Joss responds:

Well, Eliza (Dushku) has a lovely voice. But first I have to make a normal Dollhouse, which is hard enough

Whedon also reveals that Dollhouse is coming along nicely, despite a few kinks in the system:

There’s still tweaks. Birth pangs. It’s never simple, but it’s going well

Whedon also to talks some more about his latest production (which actually airs next month) – the 3 part “Internet miniseries event” known simply as Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog – get the lowdown here.

As for Eliza’s singing credentials – make your own minds up:

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