Joss’d Interview with Jill Golick

by admin on May 23, 2008

The Joss’d podcast have an interesting interview with Jill Golick – one of the first people outside of Team Whedon to get their hands on the pilot script for Dollhouse. In the interview she notes the influence that Whedon must carry with the FOX hierachy due to the level of control that he seems to have maintained over the structure of his show. She also states that Dollhouse wont be as ‘episodic’ as many fans are fearing – she points to the fact that the script tells an over-arching story. Another thing she mentions is that the writing in Dollhouse doesn’t belittle the intelligence of the audience – there’s little explanation as to what is going on, instead fans are required to work out for themselves what is happening in this ‘Dollhouse world’. Which is great news for me, as I like to be challenged rather than spoon-fed!

You can listen to the entire interview here – it’s about 27 minutes in if you want to cut straight to the chase.

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