Leave Morals and Integrity at the Door?

by admin on June 3, 2008

BrinkAccording to Tohper Brink, the Dollhouse mind-wiping guy, the Dolls are all “volunteers”, which means they made a conscious decision to join the secret government programme. I find this interesting because essentially it means that they left their morals and integrity at the door. They must have known when they signed up that part of their ‘programming’ would include doing ‘bad things’ – crime, murder, adultery.. Just some of the assignments that the Dolls might be ‘hired’ for. However, I wonder whether we can truly hold them responsible for the crimes that they commit whilst in this ‘5 year’ stint of mind-wiping? After all, they may have consciously joined the Dollhouse, but they’re not consciously doing the things that they are being made to do. Can a person be responsible for something if they are not conscious..not ‘aware’ of what they’re doing? Or does there exist a part of the dolls which deep down knows whether they are doing ‘good’ or ‘bad’? Is this where Echo’s self-awareness eventually comes from – this intangible urge to resist command? If so, what could this urge be? Residue memory? Instinct? The soul, perhaps?

The soul is believed to be the very thing which makes us all unique – it’s believed by many to be the self aware essence, something which can survive life and death..and memory loss. The soul is indomitable.

Which brings me to this thought: If the soul can survive all..imagine what it would be like for that one constant to experience a plethora of different minds and personalities. Is this why Adelle believes that “an active is the trust soul among us”..? Something I’m looking forward to Dollhouse exploring is whether the soul can survive the new imprinted experiences, or whether ultimately the soul will be changed forever by the unconscious experiences forced upon it?

Another question concerns whether or not the “actives” can really go back to their normal lives once their 5 year stint is over? These aren’t machines, these are people who have lived machine-like lives for 5 years – surely signing up to be an active is nothing but a death warrant!? Then we have the government conspiracy angle – how long before we find out why the Government are funding this operation?


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