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by admin on October 17, 2008

The interview extract below contains mild spoilers relating to an upcoming Dollhouse character and the title of episode 1.02. Proceed with discretion:

Ian, from the Dollrific blog has an interview with Mark Ivanir, who will be portraying ‘Cyril’ in Dollhouse episode 1.02 “Gray Hour”. Here are the Dollhouse-related parts below:

What can you tell us about your character on Dollhouse?

 I’m not sure I can talk about it at this stage, but I can tell you he’s a professor—an expert on art.

What did you enjoy most about filming “Gray Hour”?

I loved working with Eliza, very nice person, very good actor. The premise of the episode is exciting, I think it was very well written. I enjoyed working with Harry—very nice guy, sounds like Obama.

[The crew] was heavily Australian, which I love, because I love Australia. Somehow Israelis and Australians have a lot in common. Careless would be another word for how we handle our lives, easy going, so I had fun with that. The director, Rob, is Australian, the DP is from Australia, one of the camera operators is Australian, one of my fellow actors was from Tasmania, so there was a whole Australian contingency.

If you could be imprinted with any persona, what would it be?

Maybe a rock star. Cause anything to do with music, it’s one of my weakest points. So yeah, a rock star.

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Hmm..”the premise of the episode is exciting”? Does that equate to ‘very good’? it’s just that the Dana Walden didn’t seem too enthused about the first couple of episodes, saying they were only “quite good”. A clever ploy to lower fan expectation, or should we not expect too much too soon? 

As for this ‘new’ episode title – episode 1.02 was originally believed to be titled “Echo” – I wonder what it could mean? ‘Gray’ usually refers to the middle-ground or a period of confusion or uncertainty. Perhaps “Gray Hour” refers to the period – the ‘gray hour’ during or after the Actives have their memories scrubbed? Who knows, might as well speculate, still three months to go.

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