Mark Sheppard – Whatta Doll!

by admin on August 17, 2008

Mark Sheppard of Firefly, Battlestar Galatica and even Bionic Woman fame, has apparently confirmed that he’ll be appearing in Dollhouse. Posting on the Scifi boards, ‘he’ revealed that he starts on Monday (August 18th). It’s unknown what capacity he’ll have in the show but judging by the time of his joining, it looks like he’ll be appearing in episode 3 and possibly (hopefully) onwards.

Joss Whedon already has one BSG fan favourite in his ranks, Tahmoh Penikett plays Paul Smith, an FBI agent on the hunt for the “urban myth” that is the Dollhouse. Will Sheppard play a similar role? Will he be Smith’s antagonist? Will he be another member of the Dollhouse management? Will he be a former “active“?

Whatever his role, I’m confident he’ll do a fine job. Along with Michelle Ryan‘s bionic thighs, he was the best thing about last years Bionic Woman. Whedon sure is building a fine collection of…dolls.

Original Source: Dollverse

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