Mini Review: 2.06 The Left Hand

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2.06 The Left Hand Review

As regular readers will know, I’m attempting to catch up with the episodes of Dollhouse that I have missed, or not yet reviewed, by posting mini reviews before the series finale, bumped to Jan 29 (where I plan to post a full review, thus bringing closure to my WD journey). Below the jump I post my honest thoughts on the episode 2.06, “The Left Hand”.


  • Topher and Bennet. What an awesome duo they are! I enjoyed every scene featuring them together – it’s almost as if they were made for one another other (oops, did I steal a line?). For a new character, Bennet is pretty well drawn out and very interesting to watch – she definitely has a split personality thing going on and that nervous laugh is just too funny. I’m not entirely convinced by her back-story connection to Caroline, but hey, I’ll wait and see how that one plays out as it may make Echo/Caroline more interesting to me in the long run.
  • The overarching story had a bit more momentum and purpose than the previous episode. I’m still not entirely convinced that Rossum is as interesting as the writers want them to be, but at least it feels like were getting somewhere. I’m also glad that they are at least trying to make us see the LA Dollhouse in a different light, even though it feels a bit heavy handed.
  • There were some interesting ideas explored – particularly with Echo telling Perrin that it didn’t matter who he used to be, but what he can be. That felt very poignant and seems to mirror Echo’s own journey. I was also intrigued by Perrin’s realisation that in actual fact he didn’t want to go back to the person he was before. Despite the unreality of who he is, he still sees the value and opportunity that his current dollstate has given him. I find his mindset interesting and understandable (he was a wash-up prior to the Dollhouse) and it reflects what I think is going on in Echo’s head with all of those voices gradually re-shaping her, whilst contrasting with Priya’s perspective on her experience.
  • I’m still not generally happy with the direction that the Echo character has taken over the past couple of episodes, but she did say something of note when she revealed that she’s afraid to fall asleep because she might not wake up the same person. Is Caroline really a threat to ‘Echo’, or are they mutual entities that can work together?


  • I hate to say it, but Enver Gjokaj trying to play Topher was, at times, cringe-worthy. Which is a shame because he’s done such fine work otherwise. I do appreciate the idea behind having Victor imprinted with ‘Topher’ but the execution didn’t pay off, in my opinion. For what it’s worth, I imagine that Topher is the hardest character on the show to mimic, so this doesn’t spoil my appreciation for Gjokaj’s previous work on the show. On this occasion they just reached too far – it happens.
  • This is a serial episode of Dollhouse, which means that I wanted to like it, but I’m not quite as invested in the story as I was a couple of episodes ago. Whilst watching this episode I kept thinking: Am I really expected to care for the LA Dollhouse? Perhaps the world would be better off without them? I’m just not in the business of supporting a lesser evil, and certainly not when I don’t believe in the LA Dollhouse or their ‘ethics’, or lack thereof. Personal conflicts aside, I just don’t think the episode quite clicked as I hoped it would.

Other Comments

  • Random thought: doesn’t Whiskey have a GPS tracking device in her neck? That would surely help the DH can find out where she is. Or did she cut it out? Just asking because I wouldn’t put it past the LA Dollhouse to forget how many aces they have up their sleeves.

Overall I thought this was an OK episode, better than The Public Eye, but, surprisingly (considering it featured the overarching story), not my favorite of the season so far, for the reasons outlined above. I wish I could go into more detail, but I really want to catch up before Friday’s finale – hopefully better episodes await!

Best Character: Bennet!

Episode Rating: 6.5/10

Adam January 28, 2010 at 12:04 pm

Oh man, you just stepped on a grenade with that comment about Enver’s Topher. I thought it was irritating, and spot-on. 😛

My two favorite Dollhouse episodes (so far) are The Attic and Getting Closer. Can’t wait for you to get to those!

Roco January 28, 2010 at 3:04 pm

There’s actually an episode called “The Attic”? Sounds interesting…

wiesengrund January 28, 2010 at 6:46 pm

“The Attcic” will, I think, turn out to be my favorite Dollhouse ep too. Maybe “Epitaph Two” can surpass it. But of the released eps until now, “The Attic” is Dollhouse’s finest hour, imo.

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