Mini Review: 2.09 Stop-Loss

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Mini Review  2.09 Stop-Loss

As regular readers will know, I’m attempting to catch up with the episodes of Dollhouse that I have missed, or not yet reviewed, by posting mini reviews before the series finale, bumped to Jan 29 (where I plan to post a full review, thus bringing closure to my WD journey). Below the jump I post my ‘quick and dirty’ but always honest thoughts on episode 2.09, “Stop-Loss”.


  • An entertaining story with some interesting concepts – particularly “Group Mind” – another useful take on the role of the diminishing individual. Like many things in Dollhouse there’s some nice ‘real world’ subtext to be read into that.
  • The ending was pretty powerful. Seeing the Actives wrapped in cellophane is probably one of the most memorable visuals of the entire season so far. Needless to say I’m looking forward to seeing what the Attic has in store.


  • Echo was back to being her annoying self with those cliched ‘action hero’ lines and her knack of disarming legions of bad guys without really hurting any of them. I find that ridiculous, especially for an ‘edgy’ show like Dollhouse.
  • The contrivances were enough to take me out of the show. I appreciate what they were trying to do with Victor regaining his freedom and then being inducted into the “Group Mind”, but the whole thing felt very rushed, and as a result the execution of some of the more interesting themes didn’t live up to the potential.

Other Comments

  • I really liked the scene where Adelle strolled into the Actives shower – it worked on several levels, including the idea that she was seeking a clean slate. It was just a nice moment that brought about a fleeting semblance of humanity as the playing field between non-Actives and Actives was briefly levelled. Shame it didn’t last, as the next scene she was presented as being bigger and badder than ever – she was even accompanied by her own ‘Cruella de Vil’ theme music!

I thought this was probably the joint best episode of the season so far. It introduced some very cool themes and had the potential to be a stunner, but fell short in its delivery, I felt.

Best Character: Victor

Episode Rating: 7/10

Frogger Game November 14, 2011 at 6:40 pm

I have to say it was one of my fave episodes. i love when Victor and Ciara team up.

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