Missing Sister or Implanted Memory?

by admin on May 21, 2008 · 2 comments


That’s the question that I’m left asking after watching this sneak peak of Echo arguing with FBI Agent Paul Smith over her “missing sister”. We know that the “actives” are ‘volunteers’ in the Dollhouse programme – at least that’s what we’re led to assume. Which means that they all had lives before they became ‘pure souls’. This begs the question of whether Echo really does have a sister who went missing before she became an active (was this the reason for her ‘volunteering’ to become an active – to forget the pain of losing her sister?)..or whether Echo has been implanted with ‘false memory’ by her employers in order to throw Paul Smith (who is on the hunt of this secret Dollhouse) off the scent..

It’s an interesting scene and is sure to lead to rabid speculation by fans the closer we get to January (are we there yet?). Hopefully FOX will be so kind and release more ‘sneak peeks’ like this one over the coming months.

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