More Season 2 Posters + Spoiler Look At “Vows”

by admin on September 5, 2009

Here’s the latest batch of Dollhouse season 2 promotional posters (click to enlarge).


Continue after the jump to read a spoilery look at the season 2 premiere – “Vows”:

A spoilery look at the season 2 premiere episode – “Vows”:

DollhouseThis might not sound like good news, but it is —┬áthe first episode of the second season of “Dollhouse,” is very relaxed. Not a whole lot happens, but this actually could be a good sign. The season premiere, “Vows,” (it airs Sept. 25 9/8 C) feels like it was made to set up the entire season, and not just to grab attention. Joss Whedon isn’t really known for his bang-up pilots (he’s not J.J. Abrams in that regard), he’s more known for setting up a show’s characters, dynamics, humor and some philosophical fat to chew on.

Why relaxed is better is that instead of feeling like everything has to be very self-contained and bursting with craziness, Whedon and company seem to be taking the approach that they have time to tell their stories and to tell them right. Sure, there’s no guarantee of a third season for “Dollhouse” (and a cancellation after this season would be a lot more painful), but they’re acting like it is and that’s good. Season 1 was pretty good, and got progressively better, but I have a feeling Season 2 is going to be great now that the jitters are gone.

What was kind of missing last year, especially from the first half of Season 1, was an ensemble cast we could care about. One of Whedon’s biggest strengths — and something that’s happened in all his previous shows — is developing this entourage of well-drawn characters, who interact in interesting ways, and are outsiders because of what they’re dealing with. Buffy and company couldn’t reveal to most that they were quietly going about saving Sunnydale from eternal damnation; the Firefly crew were scavengers with two fugitives on board and Angel and his compadres were working to bring down the evil Wolfram & Hart. “Dollhouse” lacked that cohesive group of people we really cared about, partly because the dolls don’t have personalities at all. But in the first episode, it looks like they’re fixing that absence of a Scooby gang contingent.

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