New Dollhouse Cast Photos & Theme Tune Spec.

by admin on October 6, 2008 · 1 comment

Fox have followed up on their previous photoshop-tacular Dollhouse cast images with two and a half ‘new’ photoshop-tacular images featuring Sierra, Victor and the whole entire body of Paul Smith (the previous image only contained his head-shot)! Click to enlarge:


Great images, plenty of bare legs and feet (well, two pairs). But is it worrying that the background seems more alive than the characters? I guess that’s what they’re aiming for – the ‘doll’s blending into the earth tones of the Dollhouse, becoming one with their home (prison), having no soul or identity of their own? ..Yet they smile lifelessly. Poor, mind-wiped fools. Fight back against the system!

Hey, this could be an interesting show. I might watch.

Meanwhile, over in the forums, TruEcho has posted news of the Dollhouse theme tune.

Thanks Dukes for the pix!

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