New Dollhouse Forum!

by admin on June 2, 2008

We’ve just opened a brand new forum for the site. The Watching Dollhouse Forums are live and ready for fans (and potential fans) of Dollhouse to discuss and speculate the show, and to interact with other Dollhouse fans from all around the world. This forum is new, but feel free to join up and become a part of what we think will be a fantastic community! Everyone is welcome!  We are really committed to making both the blog and the forum friendly, fun and engaging aspects of the ‘Dollverse’.

Our forums are top of the line and come equipped with all the modern gizmo’s that the kids are into these days, including member albums, member created social groups, and of course easy to access Dollhouse and off-topic sections (and much more).         

You can find the forums by clicking the ‘Forums’ link in the navbar above, the ‘forums’ banner image on the sidebar or by going here. Oh, and of course it’s free to join.

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