New Dollhouse Promo & Cast Photo

by admin on January 10, 2009

I wasn’t overly impressed with the last batch of Dollhouse promo photos, largely because they seemed rather uninspired and featured only one person. But I gotta admit, this lastest one (taken from the same shoot, I presume) is pretty cool:

I like the fact that it’s not too ‘posey’, if you know what I mean? Then there’s the fact that we can’t see her whole face (intrigue!), and it looks like she’s lost in a crowd – she’s just another doll..or is she? I also kinda like the tag-line for this promotional photo – “She can be anyone, except herself”. Not exactly mind-blowing but it gets the message across. I do hope Fox give us as many promo photos as they produced for “Fringe”. Seriously, they went promo photo crazy. Hopefully, we’ll see some of the other characters/cast in the subsequent promotions.

Speaking of which, and as if by magic, here’s a new cast photo..

I’m not gonna nit-pick too much because I’m just glad they’re giving us more than Echo for a change. But it doesn’t look all that ‘legit’, and the backdrop makes it look like “The Happening” is happening.

Thanks Bastian

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