On The ‘Brink’ of Amorality?

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Brink: “Hello Echo”

Echo: “Did I fall asleep?”

Brink: “For a little while..


One of the most fascinating characters that Dollhouse will introduce, has to be Topher Brink – AKA Mind-wiping Guy. He has been described as a “Genius programmer who’s articulate, nerdily attractive, and blithely amoral”. I find this interesting, because is he really the type of person you want taking care of your imprinted mind? Amorality, I’m sure has it’s place in the world, and perhaps someone who has no moral code is best suited to the job, from the point of view of his employers. But surely the ethics behind the science of this operation, requires someone who has morals?

Topher Brink - Can he be trusted?

My understanding is that Topher will neither see the ‘good’ or the ‘bad’ in the mind-wiping science, that he is obsessed with the scientific application of creating these “actives”, but fails to believe in any moral code. Seeing as he’s effectively playing ‘God’ with the minds, no ‘lives’, of these people, should he not have a firm ethical persuasion, one that would allow him to always have the ‘volunteers’ best interests at heart?

I guess this is what makes him one of the most fascinating characters before the show has even started – he’s not a bad-guy as such, but his moral ambiguity makes him extremely dangerous. After all, what would he not do for the ‘progression’ of science? Would he be able to draw the line for the safety of the dolls? Would he be able to say “no” at the expense of scientific development?

I doubt it.

Roll on January!

*As for whether ‘mind-wiping’ is really (scientifically) possible – we ask the question over on our forums.

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