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by admin on October 12, 2008

This post contains official character information which has been released by Joss Whedon, Fox and official channels at various intervals, however some may deem it spoilery, so continue at your own discretion.

One of the most intriguing Dollhouse characters in the lead up to the show has to be Dr. Claire Saunders, her scars painting a vivid yet ambiguous picture of her back-story. When I first heard that the character would be scarred, I speculated that the scars might be psychological, and whilst that may also be the case, it’s clear from the above image that Dr. Saunders is physically scarred. Interestingly the scars themselves may reveal a few clues as to how she got them – She has two very prominent scars, one across her forehead and the other underneath her left eye – both of them are very ‘clean’ and precise, almost. This leads me to wonder whether they might be self-inflicted scars? If so, what would drive her to do such a thing?

If someone else inflicted the scars upon her then who..and why? Could Dollhouse manager Adelle DeWitt be the culprit? How about an Active? It wouldn’t surprise me if an active went ‘rogue’ and attacked her.

It’s a clever move by Whedon to make her the doctor – the person who tends to the dolls needs, yet clearly she is pretty broken herself. Another idea which crossed my mind is whether Claire is herself an Active? In the above picture she seems to be smiling lifelessly like Echo is in this image. Are the scars her only reminder of what it’s like to be human? In a sick-twisted way, are the scars the only thing left of her humanity?

Perhaps she isn’t an Active, in which case I question why she has chosen to not to undergo memory-wipe. Clearly she’s had some trauma in her life, so why not choose to forget? Although the Dollhouse is a very unethical set-up, the science behind it, if used with proper consent, can also be viewed as a Godsend to those who simply want to erase the past, even if it means erasing the good memories as well.

I very much doubt that anything in this show will be black or white – it’s a show which will explore the human condition (rarely ever black or white) even if that condition is being reprogrammed by Topher Brink and his ethically questionable mind-wiping machine.

So, what do you make of Claire Saunders and her scars? Feel free to vote in the poll..and come January, we’ll begin to find out how accurate your guesses were.

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Thanks again to Amy Acker Fan for the above image

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