Will Remote-Free-TV Work? & Dollhouse SPOILERS

by admin on June 5, 2008

TV By The Numbers has an interesting article on whether FOX’s new Remote-Free-TV plan will actually work:

I actually think that’s very doable in normal circumstances (assuming the show is any good). In its season finale, LOST, which is on the wane viewers-wise (although it had a strong year story-wise) for all the normal reasons that plague serial shows, plus somewhat wacky scheduling, had 6.453 million 18-49 viewers. So, when FOX thinks about break even with the Remote Free promotion, if a show like TSCC is the benchmark the 5 million, attempting to get to 5 million seems very doable.

PinkRayGun have some more spoilers on what we can expect from Dollhouse:

“Is this the near future? (Kind of like Dark Angel?)”

No specific date is mentioned, but it does appear to be near future or perhaps even present day. With the obvious exception of the Dollhouse itself, there are no technological advances that are apparent.

“So, the Dolls willingly gave up five years of their lives…but how long have they already been dolls?”

This question is not answered in the pilot, but here is what we do know: the Dollhouse has been long enough to have a doll, referred to as Alpha, go mad. It has been long enough that they recognize Echo’s recent interactions with the other dolls as “out of the norm.”

More here.

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