Round-Up: Whedon on Dollhouse Season 2 – Penikett Interview – Photo shoot Video

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Here’s the best of the latest from the Dollhouse..

Zap2It interview with Tahmoh Penikett:


Continue below the jump for Joss Whedon interviews and a behind the scenes look at the season 2 Dollhouse photo shoot:

Joss Whedon talks about the struggles defining Dollhouse in season 1, and how he believes they will address the problem in season 2:

“Before, it was just an idea,” Whedon admitted on Dollhouse’s stage set on 20th Century Fox’s back lot. “It was an idea we had a lot of trouble defining — and people got to see that.

“Now, we feel the idea is defined. We understand what it is. We know now what our cast is capable of. Our mandate now is, how far can we take this? How much can we twist the knife?”

The conspiracy tale about empaths, so-called “dolls” whose identities have been wiped clean and imprinted with new personalities, debuted earlier this year to mixed reviews. Some critics thought the concept was engaging and provocative, while others just found it pretentious.

The new season will find Eliza Dushku’s character, Echo, experiencing recurring blackouts and flashbacks. She is beginning to suspect who she really is. And she has a mission.

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Behind the scenes of the Dollhouse season 2 photo shoot:


Our friends at FEARnet talk to Joss Whedon about what’s in store for the characters this season and where the story-arc is heading:

How will Echo, with the many characters she’s flashing to, come in to her own this season?
Basically through force of will.  She did have all those personalities dumped into her at once, and as we pick up, we are going to find out that that is starting to affect her.  She is much more directed, and driven – even in her Doll state, she is growing and learning.  She understands she has a mission now, to get everyone back to their personalities.

How many seasons do you see Dollhouse going?
The premise is limited, and I think by season 17 you are going to see us repeating ourselves.

Do you have a “pitch” to bring in new viewers, or is it simply, “watch the season 1 DVD?”
No, it’s more like buy the DVD.  Buy some for your friends.  Then have discussion groups, where you buy more.  Too subtle?

What role will Ray Wise be playing in the new season?
He will appear in episode six, as the head of another house.  He will interact with Olivia – it should be very exciting.

How arced will the show be this season?
The show is going to be pretty arc-y.  Clearly what people respond to is the workings of the Dollhouse, and the progression of the characters in it, and we are going to honor that.  At the same time, I’m very much of the mind where you need to resolve something in an episode.  You can’t just create a series of twists and turns with no end.  You need a sense of completion, so you will still have engagements.  But those engagements will feed in to the main arc as well.

How much will the DVD-only episode, “Epitaph One” factor in to this season?
Originally, it was my intention to start in that era, then come back, but there was just too much information in my first episode.  What we are talking about doing is perhaps revisiting that timeline towards the end of this season, in a similar fashion.  We are also looking at the show through the lens of that episode, looking at the global concepts of how this power is used and abused.  You don’t have to have seen “Epitaph One” to understand it, but it does help.  It adds a layer.

A lot of people were convinced you would be cancelled after season 1.  What do you think saved you?
The nature of the business is the nature of the fan base, and the nature of the fan base is that they are in it for the long haul.  They are nurturing and intense about it, and they will see it through.  The fans are still interested in my work years after it has gone off the air.  Buffy still sells.  Firefly still sells.  That’s a business thing for the studio.  They are in it for the long haul.  In the old system, these shows would have stopped generating income, but with the advent of DVD and the eventual monetization of online streaming, there is a market there that exists beyond your Nielsen numbers.

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