“So..Fox” Televisions Identity Change

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In a season where the new shows worth talking about (Dollhouse, Fringe) touch upon identity, it’s perhaps interesting to note FOX Televisions own identity change.

So Fox

The people responsible for the bold and brash “SO FOX” branding campaign are the Troika Design Group, who have certainly changed the image of FOX in the lead-up to this new season of TV goodness. Here’s more on the matter:

Troika Design Group, a strategic branding and design agency for companies in media and entertainment, has been tapped by FOX to assist in developing a branding campaign for the 2008/2009 fall programming season. FOX’s new look debuted August 18, 2008, with elements continuing to roll out until the fall season’s official launch on September 1, 2008.

FOX selected Troika to implement the “SO FOX” concept and create a contemporary visual expression that would embrace the network’s maverick spirit and capture the attitude of this new brand position.

Said Michael Vamosy, Sr. Vice President of Design, “After presenting Troika with our ‘SO FOX’ branding statement, we charged them with developing a design package that would redefine the network’s attitude and capture the fundamental essence of our personality. With ‘SO FOX’ as a stepping-off point, we wanted a design system that could communicate our brand in a fresh, bold and original manner. Troika thoroughly understood what we needed and its creative perception really elevated the material. The company’s design team executed a bold package that is smart, clean, beautiful, functional and versatile.”

“We always look forward to the creative challenges that the FOX team brings to the table because they’re willing to take creative risks,” said Gilbert Haslam, Creative Director, Troika Design Group. “Our solution for this year’s identity was a bold orchestration of color, abstract shapes and typography that was juxtaposed with talent imagery. This type-based graphic identity delivers on originality with an animated tapestry of FOX attributes text-layered and infused into the photograph, embedded into the backgrounds and utilized as seamless talent transitions. This signature type-texture became the thread of continuity throughout the entire package.”

In combination with an extensive promo toolkit of image-driven elements and production templates for network and affiliate branding, Troika produced a :60 image spot starring top talent from the network’s lineup of comedy, drama and reality shows, such as Hugh Laurie from House, Wentworth Miller from Prison Break, Kiefer Sutherland from 24, Eliza Dushku from Dollhouse, and others. By showcasing the strong characters and faces of the network talent, the promo creates a strong emotional connecting between its shows and the FOX brand, using shared attributes that are quintessentially FOX.

I’m not totally sold on this “SO FOX” business. I mean, it’s a bit ‘cheeseball’ to say the least. Still, cheeseball can be effective.

More on Troika here.

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