SPOILER: Echo, Her Sister & Agent Smith

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The youcantdownloadit blog have a script review of the Dollhouse Pilot, it’s quite interesting but very spoilery, so please do not read this snippet if you’re at all anti-spoiler:

Without ruining too much, I’ll talk briefly about one of the key scenes in the pilot. Echo has been given the persona of a girl who is searching for her missing sister. She’s found by FBI agent Paul Ballard who is on a personal mission to find the Dollhouse, and expose all it’s torrid secrets. Paul knows that some thing’s up with Echo since he has her missing person profile with him. HE puts the pressure on Echo to reveal her true identity. Now you’d expect that she’d be baffled at the very request since she’s only been imprinted with the memories of woman who’s lost her sister,

but Echo shows that she hasn’t been programmed to find a lost sister at all– in fact she has been programmed to take Paul out–assassin style. A persona inside a persona. Oh the possibilities are endless.

Interesting..so we now have the concept of splicing 2 different persona’s together. This is an amazing concept, if true.

You can view the sneak peak of Echo in a tense encounter with Agent Smith here.

You can read more here. Thanks to the German Dollhouse fansite for the info.

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