Spoiler – Episode 1.05 Casting Sides

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Spoiler, Spoiler!

Casting sides for episode 1.05 Man on the Streethas hit the Internet. You have to wonder why people do these things, no patience these days. That said, I’ve taken a brief look at one of the pages which features Boyd and fellow ‘handler’, Bicks, and I’ve provided a transcript below. It paints an interesting picture of what we can expect from the episode, and the powerful and complicated themes which could be explored in the series as a whole:



[Boyd with the twitchy, unreliable-looking Bicks, another handler]


I can’t believe this. I’m just filling in for Ramirez for a week and my Active invents rape?


We don’t know what happened yet.


Well, Hearn is out for blood.


Hearn hasn’t found anything on the tapes, nobody has.


How is that even possible? Every inch of this place is monitored. If two actives are going at it….Victor’s not gonna remember anything anyway, right? (almost hopeful) Sierra didn’t remember anything helpful…


Not yet.


[glances upstairs]

What do you think DeWitt’ll do? Think she’ll come down hard? I mean, It was probably a mistake! These dolls, they’re smiling all day, then Sierra’s crying in bed? Why always then? Maybe she’s broken.

[Something crosses Boyd’s face. He stands up straighter, looks away. Starts moving towards the stairs.]


You figure she’s broken?


They’re all broken.

I haven’t read the rest of the sides, I consider them to be MAJOR SPOILERS, but there’s a further 15 if you’re that way inclined. Enjoy.

wiesengrund October 11, 2008 at 4:41 am

i honestly have to say… the remaining 15 pages are the thing that will make this episode maybe the best of the whole first season… 😉

Roco October 12, 2008 at 5:23 pm

I’m tempted to take a peek but it’s getting to the stage now where I want to refrain from too much spoiler info – especially as in-depth as the ones in those pages. However it’s pleasing to hear that the episode could be a stunner. 😀

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