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by admin on November 6, 2008

Spoiler Alert!

Casting slides for Dollhouse episode 1.07 – “Echoes” has hit the Interweb. Here’s a brief extract featuring Echo and a character called Sam:

Present day. Find ECHO (wearing her long coat) at Owen’s makeshift memorial. She picks up a framed photo of Owen that someone has left. Echo feels eyes on her, looks up.

Meet SAM HILTON, 22, African American, knows how to command a room. Sam got to college through sheer force of will, and he’s going to make the most of it. Sam stares at Echo from the other side of the memorial. Echo holds up the photo.

ECHO: Was he a friend?

SAM: Nope.

Echo gestures towards the multitude of flowers, etc.

ECHO: Looks like he was popular, does anyone know why he killed himself?

SAM: What are you, a reporter?

ECHO: Dominatrix.

Sam gives her a look, is she serious?

SAM: Why are you here?

ECHO: I don’t know..I saw the picture in the newspaper..and I felt this overwhelming need..(then)..I left a client. I can never leave clients.

SAM: I’m outta here.

Sam starts to walk away. Echo stops him.

I’ve only read this part, and as luck would have it I find it intriguing. It provides a possible glimpse into Echo’s mind-wiping. Assuming this is an assignment that she’s on, it’s interesting to note that despite the absence of a tangible reason for being at the memorial, she summarizes it as an “overwhelming need”. Powerful words and a powerful emotion. I guess it’s a bit like when you know that you’re supposed to do something but can’t remember what. What lies beyond the memory – intent, will, desire, an instruction, a soul? 

I just find it interesting that despite (possibly) being over-layed with a new memory for the purpose of this assignment, Echo hasn’t been given a ‘reason’ for attending the memorial (an oversight by the Dollhouse management?). So in it’s absence, she uses a vague yet powerful emotional response. Of course, I could be interpreting the script out of context – I can’t bring myself to read the whole thing this far ahead of the premiere. However, you can do so by following this link, if you wish.

Oh, and as for the episode title – “Echoes” – hardly original, but not bad I guess. Possibly set-up to be an introspective episode?

Thanks to the rather awesome TruEcho for the heads-up!

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