SPOILER: Epitaph One Photos & Deets!

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Dollhouse Spoiler Alert!

So..”Epitaph One” has piqued my attention. You may have seen the preview video we posted the other day? Now, thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we have some spoiler photos and information from the episode.

Hit the jump to view the photos and for more details!

Epitaph OneEpitaph One

As you probably know, the “unaired” 13th episode of Dollhouse (Epitaph One) will debut at Comic Con, before you get the chance to watch it over and over again on the season 1 DVD. But the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (released today), has a FIRST LOOK at Caroline (Eliza Dushku), who, having escaped for some time, is seen in the photo entering an abandoned Dollhouse in the year 2019 with Paul (Tahmoh Penikett).  Plus: Whedon talks about the photos with EW.com.

Hold up, 2019? I always believed that Dollhouse would feature the flash forward/back device. According to Whedon: “Every flashback answers something about where people are heading but brings up a lot more questions about where they end up or how they got there”.

Thanks: Entertainment Weekly for the photos/deets (more at the link)

Tuncanunc July 23, 2009 at 6:44 am

Does anybody know when “Epitaph One” was actually filmed?

wiesengrund July 26, 2009 at 8:27 am

It was shot end of Jan/beginning of Feb 2009. In fact, I think they shot it at the same time as “Omega”, which is why the whole crew was borrowed from 24 (since the Dollhouse crew was shooting Omega) and which is also the reason why the main characters (especially Echo) have so little screentime, since they were all busy with “Omega”.

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