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by admin on November 19, 2008


Lisa Lapira (NCIS, Dexter) has revealed in a recent interview with Buddy TV that she will be a recurring character in Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse”:

You also shot a guest starring appearance on Dollhouse?Yes, that’s another secret thing. I’m recurring.

Oh, you’re recurring in Dollhouse?

Yes, as if this conversation I was.

On the TCA Press Tour, Joss and Eliza took us on a tour of that set.

Oh my god, you tell me what did you think of that set?

It was huge, especially that giant room where everybody hangs out.

Doesn’t it look functional? It actually is functional. I asked Eliza if she worked out on those machines there, or if people took naps in the beautiful Zen-like garden palace they have there. The bigness of it, for me it was so overwhelming, and also really calming. The theme is Zen and relaxing, and there’s so much yoga so that these dolls are perfect. When I walked in I was like wow, feng shui really works, because I feel really good.

You’ve got the big ratings hit with NCIS, you’ve got the critical acclaim with Dexter, and now you’ve got the Joss Whedon show, which has every TV nerd in the world excited.

I’ve been pretty lucky. This has been a good year in that I’ve been able to touch a lot of things. Also the action, fast cars-type deal as a young FBI agent in Fast and Furious. I’ve gotten to touch all the genres. Dollhouse is kind of sci-fi. Joss Whedon is kind of his own thing. What’s the term for that?

It’s just Whedonesque. You have Buffy, Angel, Firefly, it’s all his own world.

Yeah, it’s Joss’ world, we just live in it.

Listen to entire interview

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