SPOILERS: Dollhouse Pilot Sides – 1.01 “GHOST”

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DOLLHOUSE SPOILERSIt was bound to happen..it happened last time, and it’s happened again. Casting sides for the re-written Dollhouse pilot (not the prequel, but the original pilot) have hit Internet-land. Please stop reading if you don’t like Dollhouse Spoilers. No really, this is big:

The casting sides confirm what Watching Dollhouse readers already knew– Echo will not just be imprinted with one personality at a time..but several. The pilot sees Echo go from sexy dinner date to Ellie Penn, a hostage negotiator and victim of child molestation – all in one episode! The contrast is no coincidence, Joss clearly intends to make a statement here. The real complicated part comes from the fact that Ellie Penn’s scarred childhood is actually a false memory implanted on top of her false memory, by the Topher Brink and his bosses at the Dollhouse. This instantly makes me wonder about the description given to Amy Acker’s character Dr. Claire Sanders: “She is scarred from a razor attack” – is she really scarred or does she just think she is? Heck, she could even be an active for all we know. Anyway, back to matters in hand.

Dollhouse Pilot Spoilers - GHOST

We are also introduced to Tahmoh Penikett’s character, agent Paul Smith. Interestingly, it’s revealed that he didn’t choose to be on the Dollhouse case, but was assigned to it. He’s been on the hunt for 14 months, is something of a rebel and is divorced:

PAUL: “Am I being taken off the case?”


PAUL: “Then no, I don’t know why I’m here”

SPECIAL AGENT DETMER: “You were assigned to case designate “Dollhouse” over Fourteen months ago. How would you describe your progress to date?”

PAUL: “Slow”

SPECIAL AGENT DETMER: “I’m actually impressed by what I see here. You’ve physically threatened a senator, disrupted a seven year human-trafficking investigation, been arrested — arrested! — for trespassing on Prince Amoudi’s yacht. The only legal actions you’ve successfully followed through on is your divorce”

WOW! After reading through these sides, that’s pretty much all I can say. Well not quite all. If this is anything to go by then Dollhouse will be the show that I hoped it would be – it will ask deep ethical and moral questions of society, it will be dark, it will be layered, it will be twisty, it will make you think, it will probably make you laugh (it’s Whedon after all). One thing is for sure, I will be Watching Dollhouse (heh) in January!

For further insight and opinion, you might want to check out io9.comCharlie Jane Anders has done a brilliant write-up. To read all of the sides, head on over to Spoiler TV, if you dare.

Thanks:  Spoiler TVCharlie Jane Anders (io9) – TruEcho – and Louise D via email!

Supernetuser August 8, 2008 at 1:25 am

I will so be watching Dollhouse too. You’ve made it sound very interesting. I’m sure Whedon has outdone himself again.

Roco August 8, 2008 at 4:20 pm

Hi Supernetuser, that’s good to hear. I think Whedon has something really special on his hands. Can’t wait!

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