The ‘Dollhouse’ Set is one of the Stars

by admin on January 30, 2009

Whedon overlooks Dollhouse setThe LA Times begin their countdown to the “Dollhouse” premiere on Feb 13, with an excellent article which looks at the world that the “actives” will be living in when they’re not out on assignment. They also have commentary from creator Joss Whedon, actress Eliza Dushku and production designer Stuart Blatt. Here’s an extract:

 The $950,000 set was completed in six weeks last spring. Although there are no windows, it feels open and expansive because there are almost no walls. Instead, there are Japanese screens to instill an illusion of privacy for the Actives, who are unaware that they are observed at all times, even when they’re showering or changing clothes.

“The idea of the dollhouse is that these people are being pampered like world-class athletes, kept ready for whatever the next assignment is,” Blatt said. “So they’re living in a place that’s deluxe. So whether it’s a massage or a workout area or spa food being served in the dining area or calligraphy classes or yoga being done here, it’s the best any of us hope to have anywhere we live or are forced to live or are brainwashed to live under one roof.”

Because Stage 19 already has a pit in the middle, Whedon and Blatt decided to create a conversation pit with a fountain that would serve as the set’s focal point. But two weeks before they shot the first pilot, Blatt had an idea.

“I asked Joss, ‘What if I could build you a Japanese reflecting pool with a deck over it that our actors could do yoga and tai chi on?’ ” Blatt said. “He was immediately sold. Joss had been asking me from the beginning that he wanted to have a water feature that would be silent and yet always be there to look at. Water is a calming influence. It’s sexy and mysterious.”

Sensual and beautiful were the adjectives set decorator David Koneff kept in mind as he went about spending more than $130,000 to dress the dollhouse in a midcentury modern motif with a Japanese aesthetic. It has custom-made furniture, Japanese-cut wood carvings, giant bamboo in planters and orange, red and brown tones.

You can read the entire article here. They also have some neat photos of the set here.

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