The Dollhouse Six

by admin on May 20, 2008

As a Lost fan you can’t blame me for running with the ‘the Dollhouse six’ title. Non-Lost fans wont know what I’m talking about of course, but hey, I’m a die hard. As we mentioned last week, Dollhouse will benefit from reduced adverts running throughout the show. In practice this means that there will be six whole minutes more Dollhouse per episode. FOX chairman Peter Liguori explains:

[We’re giving viewers] less reason… to grab the remote and change the channel… We need to give viewers new reasons to come to network TV. [Also, it] gives extra attention to the show, and helps series when they go to DVD, foreign and syndication.

Six minutes huh? Why in that time you could have your memory erased and be planted with new memory just like Echo! You do wanna be like Echo, right?

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