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Dollhouse cast

Sorry, couldn’t resist, that photo is just so apt. Also, yay for the ensemble! Finally we see and hear from them – they do actually exist, the dolls behind the curtain are real, people! Spoilers ahead:

The cast were asked if it was difficult adjusting to the changes and shooting a new first episode, and Fran Kranz(“Topher”) replied, “It wasn’t too difficult with me. The first pilot started where the dollhouse was up and running, so I treated it like I would any episode – Just another occurrence in the life of the character. I never really saw it as doing another pilot. It was just another step forward in the whole process and making the whole story that much richer.” His costar, Battlestar Galactica‘s Tahmoh Penikett (“Paul Ballard”) said, “For me, [the first pilot] was a warm up to working with everyone. It felt like it just sort of warmed you up for the new thing. It was a slightly different direction, but not that too different for me.”

There are some issues Echo displays on the first episode while doing an assignment, and Dushku said that as the season continues, “I’ve had many flaws and many glitches. I think that’s sort of where the show takes off. She’s absolutely glitching and starting to become self aware. The memory wipes are not entirely working, so things can set them off and throw them off.”

Whedon said that in most episodes of Dollhouse there “is in some sense a standalone and has closure. At the same time, it advances the mythology. That’s what separates it from a procedural.” He added that, “Towards the back half of the 13 [episodes], we do get a bit more into the mythology” noting that, “The relationships, even if they don’t remember each other, are very charged.”

It’s clear from the pilot that there’s an often argumentative relationship between Echo’s handler, Boyd Langdon (Harry Lennix) And Topher. Said Kranz of the two, “They work in the Dollhouse. And the spend a lot of time together. What I love about the show, among many things, what’s fascinating to me, is the time we get to mediate on the whole concept. It’s very fascinating and provocative. We have time to bat ideas off each other. I have weaker morals, whereas Harry’s character has a real sense of values. We have opposing schools of thought on the dollhouse and what we’re doing, and whether it’s good or bad.” Whedon said he recalled the two actors coming up to him after their first scene and asking, “Are we friends?” Whedon said his reply was, “I think Topher would say yes and Boyd would say no and neither has the whole picture.” – IGN

Some really good stuff there. I’m really looking forward to seeing the opposing schools of thought between Langton Boyd and Topher Brink play out. In a sense, it must take someone with ‘weaker morals’ to do what Topher does, but at the same time does that make it right, and where is the balance in his world view..where are his limits? As for Boyd, do his ‘values’ hold him back, are his ideals too idealistic for the world he lives in, or can his humanity count for something?

You can find a brief write-up of the Dollhouse TCA Panel over at Dollverse.

Meanwhile, the always interesting Tahmoh Penikett talks to Zap2it about what we can expect from his character in Dollhouse (he also talks briefly about BSG):

I wonder what that “connection” could be..

Farthing January 15, 2009 at 2:47 pm

Unfortunately if the recently released clips are any indication, Fran Kranz is a terrible actor and his delivery ruins every scene he’s in. Let’s hope the stuff we’ve seen doesn’t represent what the whole show will be like.

Roco January 16, 2009 at 12:12 am

Are you basing this on the sparse promo clips alone, or in general?
I can’t really form an opinion on his acting abilities, because unlike some of the other actors on the show, I haven’t seen him in any previous stuff (to my knowledge). So it’s more difficult for me to say how bad or how good he least not before the show starts.
Perhaps you’ve seen more of his projects though?

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