This Lady Knows How To Dress – Best Dollhouse Promotion

by admin on July 15, 2008 · 1 comment

Sorry all, allow me to be shallow for just a moment. Eliza Dushku has got it going on, in this pic from the FOX ‘All Star’ Party at the Pier:

Eliza Dushku @ Fox Party

Seriously, I’m no fanboy, but that’s a mean outfit! That (above), my friends, is how to promote Dollhouse – no ‘save our show campaigns’ in that picture! ; -)

Um, Joss, you got lipstick on your cheek:

Kiss Kiss

I love his expression in that picture!

Anyways, enough of me being shallow!

Thanks to TruEcho for the heads-up and for the images, where you can see more photos like the ones above.

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